Gottlieb Inventions is the leader in area measurement equipment. We have used the latest technology in land survey to create the DG-1 Digital Geometer. The DG-1 will operate as a classic distance wheel or as an area measurement device.

As a distance wheel, the DG-1 can read out in feet, meters, and yards. This allows the user to skip the need of a calculator for conversion.

As an area measurement device, the DG-1 can be wheeled around any perimeter to calculate square footage. Using Greens Theorem, the DG-1 takes the guess work out of measuring. Please visit our other pages to give you an idea of how powerful a square footage measurement device the DG-1 is. From landscape contractors to backyard putting golf green installers, the DG-1 will make your job better, faster, and more accurate.

By using a digital geometer you will save money by making your bids more accurate. Don't guess the area anymore by rough estimates. Give your customers the quote they deserve. Give yourself the accuracy you need for ordering the proper amount of material.