Gottlieb Inventions, Inc. is happy to provide these calculators for free. It is our goal to help contractors improve their estimating capabilities through accurate measurements and calculations.

Please view our products section to see the amazing features of the DG-1 Digital Geometer. It's not an ordinary distance wheel, it will measure area! As you wheel it around the perimeter of any shape, it will record the coordinates. When you have gone all the way around the perimeter, the device will use the coordinates to give you an accurate square footage measurement.



Square = Length x Width

Length:  Width:  Area of Square:

Triangle = 1/2 x Base x Height

Base:  Height:  Area of Triangle:

Circle = (depends on selection)

Area of Circle:

Quadrilateral Area Calculator

Enter the corner 4 coordinates of the area you wish to calculate. Do not criss-cross any lines of the object. Suggestion: Set your x1,y1 to (0,0) and move around the object counterclockwise.

The DG-1 uses a similar method using many more data points around the perimeter of any area. For more information please view the products page.

Enter the 4 coordinates as shown

Enter Coordinates:

x2,y2: ( , ) x3,y3: ( , )
x1,y1: ( , ) x4,y4: ( , )