Gottlieb Inventions, Inc. produces the latest land survey devices for area measurement and square footage calculations

Stop using paper and pencil to measure area!

Accurate square footage measurements are essential for todays contractor.

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Patented Technology

Gottlieb Inventions, Inc. has created a new type of land survey equipment that will revolutionize the industry. If you need area measurement and square footage calculations, this device is for you.

Our newest device, the Digital Geometer, DG-1, has the look and feel of a traditional distance wheel - but with one amazing new feature. When wheeled around the perimeter of ANY area, the DG-1 will calculate the area inside! It is the perfect area measurement device that can calculate the square footage of any odd shape.

The DG-1 eliminates all of the problems and inconveniences associated with current area estimation methods. Before the DG-1, an estimator had to somehow break odd-shaped areas into simple geometric shapes (squares, triangles, circles, etc.) and add up the areas of those shapes. The result was usually both inaccurate and time-consuming.

The importance of accurate area measurement is well known by contractors. Better knowing the scope of a job can help to eliminate the costs associated with underestimating in a competitive market.

The DG-1 is the perfect area measurement tool to help with that next driveway, patio, roof, or landscaping job. It can display results in square feet, square yards, or square meters at the touch of a button.

The DG-1 can also be used as a traditional distance wheel, offering results in feet, yards, or meters.

How it works:

Collecting perimeter points leads to accurate area measurement

As you wheel the DG-1 around the area, it collects posistion points of the perimeter. The DG-1 then uses these points to determine the area enclosed.

This allows the DG-1 to measure curved areas. No regular distance wheel can do that!

How many points used is determined by the size of the area and resolution setting.